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Rottweilers make for the most wonderful family members, however they are not the breed for everyone. Please consider that-

  • Rottweilers are large, powerful dogs. 

  • Obedience and correct socializing is never ending. Through the different life stages from baby to senior, your responsibility as a guardian is to show and teach acceptable behavior.

  • You need to be a strong, firm leader. Creating a clear expectation of what you expect of your dog will make for many happy years together. Otherwise your Rottweilers instinct will be to take it upon it'self and self appoint its position when left to it's own devices! 

  • Adults need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

  • Rottweilers need strong secure fencing.

  • If your Rottweiler can not be with you because of work/school etc it will require mental stimulating environment for amusement. Such as paddle pools, frozen treats, bones, toys, games etc. A bored Rottweiler is a destructive Rottweiler.

  • Large dogs cost more! Bigger food bills, insurance, vet fee's (based on per kg at most vet practices), extra large beds/kennels/apparel/boarding... 

  • Rottweilers are fond of children. But even the best dog can accidentally knock a smaller child over. NEVER leave a dog unattended with children.

  • Owning a Rottweiler will inevitably show you that the breed is heavily discriminated by the public. You can either take offence to that or educate people and show them the light! Over the years we have converted many 'haters' of the breed, we have to be the voice for our dogs.

Please ensure that when you place a deposit to secure a puppy you are committed 100%.

Deposits are non refundable.

Deposit can be transferred for another litter if needed.

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